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Conference Lecturers and Topics

Samantha Flowers
Meme's Worms

Topic: Large-Scale Vermiculture
Troy Hinke
Living Roots Compost Tea
Topic: Soil Food Web, Compost Teas, and Extracts
"Captain Matt" Charde

Topic: Developing a Local Market for Worm Castings
Peter Moon

Topic: Aerated Static Composting on any scale
Zach Brooks
Arizona Worm Farm

Topic: Large-Scale Vermicomposting and Soils
Ariel McLanahan
Grace Roots Gardening

Topic: Communicating Your Message through Social Media
Kala Nelson
Fly High Worm Farm

Topic: Worm Bin Beneficials
Heath LaFavers
Ozark Worm Farms

Topic: Starting from Scratch
Topic: Water Retention in Vermicomposting


Network with worm farming enthusiasts, seasoned farmers, researchers, and suppliers from around the US. The Worm Farming Conference is a unique platform to build partnerships, share experiences, and collaborate on innovative ideas for a sustainable future.


Nourish your brain with our interactive sessions and hands-on workshops led by leading minds in the worm farming world. Whether you're just starting out or looking to optimize your existing operations, these sessions will equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to elevate your worm farming to the next level.


Whether you’re new to worm farming or a seasoned expert, this workshop will help you FLOURISH. Build upon the skills you already have and improve your process for greater success.
Learn how worm farming can become a profitable aspect of your operation. Gain insights into creating value-added products like worm castings and worm teas.
Explore how these can open new revenue streams for your business. With classes geared toward marketing and sales strategies you'll have the tools to drive your business forward.

the 2023 Worm Farming Conference was a great success!

Coming soon... details for the 2024 conferencE

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Hiwasee Products
WormGear (formerly Michigan SoilWorks)
Missouri Worm Supply
Misfit Farms
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